reto ambühler - Curriculum Vitae

reto ambuehler
  • born 18-mar-1958 at 9:29 in zürich (i don't like to get up early !)
  • raised in rümlang, a small village next to zürich's airport, where i also went to elementary school.
  • 1974..1978 apprenticeship as a mechanic
  • 1978..1981 study in electrotechnics, specialized in communications and digital technology, at the technikum in winterthur - today known as "ZHAW" (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften)
  • 1982 founding member of TRAMsoft GmbH
  • 1982..1983 software support representative at IBM's support center in zürich
  • 1983..1984 software engineer at integra signum AG, developing a standalone application on PDP-11 using MACRO-11
  • 1984..1989 software support representative at DEC's support center in zürich
  • 1989..1990 "honeyyear": trip through the USA and canada
  • 1991..1994 system manager at DEC's education service center in zürich
  • since 1-mar-94 system manager at the ETH zürich
  • 1-oct-1997: appointed first full time webmaster of the ETH zürich
  • summer 2002: sabbatical leave at UCSD
  • 31-mar-2023: retirement
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