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Trip Report WWW2002
May 7-11 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. pre-conference activities
  2. conference at a glance
  3. workshop "web content accessibility" (may 7, 2002)
  4. first day (may 8, 2002)
  5. second day (may 9, 2002)
  6. third day (may 10, 2002)
  7. developers day (may 11, 2002)
  8. post-conference activities
  9. documentation
  10. other trip reports
  11. previous conferences

1. pre-conference activities:

zürich - los angeles - san diego - los angeles - honolulu (at the beach and by rain)

[ Hanauma Bay underwater state park - click on the image for an enlargement ]
hamaula bay underwater state park
[ flooded road in the north of oahu - click on the image for an enlargement ]
flooded road in the north of oahu

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2. conference at a glance:

[ sheraton waikiki - click on the image for an enlargement ]
sheraton waikiki - where the conference takes place

some basic facts:

  1. the sheraton waikiki hotel is a great location on a wonderful island and provides all the services we need. great choice ! even though people back home tend to think we may spend the day at the beach rather than at the conference, we actually don't, as this report hopefully proves.

  2. i think there are less participants than at earlier conferences - the list of pre-registered attendees shows about 700 names rather than about 1000. at the opening ceremony, they claimed there are about 900 attendees.

  3. according to the list of pre-registered attendees the only participants from switzerland are fabio, jakob and me from the ETHZ Web Office, erik from the D-ELEK, roberto from the university of zurich and somebody from the university of geneva.

  4. the wireless LAN is working fast and seemlessly since monday afternoon. it even allows me to listen to my favorit radio station back home over the Internet while i'm downloading my emails or uploading my trip report.

some thoughts related to my work at the ETHZ:

  1. based on what i have heard at this conference, i believe it was very likely not a good idea to choose a CMS system that is not inherently based on XML.

  2. we should seriously think about implementing web based services as web services, e.g. services around NETHZ.

  3. we should never forget about accessibility. especially if we want to provide a widely used CMS, we have to make sure it produces web pages that are accessible to all users, regardless of technical and human capabilities.

the 12th WWW conference (WWW2003):

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3. workshop "web content accessibility" (may 7):

  1. different accessibility guidelines all over the world need to be harmonized to avoid fragmentation
  2. various accessibility evaluation procedures were presented which reminded me of our poster presentation at WWW8
  3. A-prompt is a partially automated accessibility repair utility
  4. the dublin core is a set of rules to describe information on the Internet - its relation to accessibility was discussed

more details ...

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4. first day (may 8):

[ welcome WWW2002 delegates ]
  1. ALOHA - opening ceremony
  2. Web services
  3. the semantic Web

more details ...

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5. second day (may 9):

[ bishop museum - scene of the conference banquet ]
the conference banquet took place at the bishop museum
  1. XML update plus DOM level 3, XPath and XQuery, XSL, MathML, CSS and XHTML
  2. plenary session
  3. SMIL and a really cool session about SVG
  4. conference banquet at the bishop museum

more details ...

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6. third day (may 10):

  1. plenary session
  2. universal access: WAI report - I18N and device independence: voice and multimodal interaction - CC/PP - XFroms
  3. leading the Web to its full potential: integrated W3C technologies in Amaya - town meeting
  4. closing session

more details ...

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7. developers day (may 11):

  1. device-independent Web
  2. multimedia messaging service (MMS)
  3. lunch with tim berners-lee
  4. XForms

more details ...

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8. post-conference activities:

after the conference, we spent one week on maui, where we visited the waianapanapa state park and most of all the haleakala national park.
[ black sand beach in the waianapanapa SP - click on the image for an enlargement ] [ inside the haleakala crater - click on the image for an enlargement ] [ silverswords on the floor of the haleakala crater - click on the image for an enlargement ]
black sand beach in the waianapanapa SP  inside the haleakala crater silverswords on the floor of the haleakala crater

on may 18, 2002, we flew back to the main land, where i spent my three months sabbatical at the University of California in San Diego" (UCSD). see my trip report about the sabbatical (in german).

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9. documentation:

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10. other trip report's:

Please check out these other trip reports:

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11. trip reports from previous conferences:

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